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Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me.


I have an iPhone 5, I am running the latest version of iTunes on my iMac and my iPhone is displayed on iTunes. It is ticked to wirelessly sync. Both devices connect to my home wifi. However more often than not when I want to wirelessly sync some new podcasts or music to my iPhone (I tick what I want and then click apply) a box appears and says "looking for iPhone" it does this for a minute or two before presenting me with a message that says something along the lines of "the info could not be backed up as the device could not be found". My iPhone then disappears from iTunes and will not reappear until I connect it via USB. Once I disconnect the USB my iPhone stays listed on iTunes until I try to wirelessly sync again. Similarly if I try to sync my iPhone from the phone to iTunes it just says "look for iMac" until eventually giving up.


I had an iPhone 4 before the 5 and it was set up in exactly the same way using the same version of iTunes the same iMac and over the same wifi and that worked first time every time. I have also tried quitting iTunes and restarting my iPhone.


Sorry for waffling on but its becoming slightly annoying and I was hoping someone could help.





iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I am having the same issue. Since updating to iTunes 11 my iPhone 5 will no longer wirelessly sync. I am operating the latest version of Mountain Lion on a two month old Macbook Pro. When I plug in the USB I go through the steps of making sure the box is clicked to Wireslly sync, but after a few minutes of un-plugging the cord my phone dissapears from my devices. It tries to locate it, but cannot.


    Furthermore, when I launched iTunes 11 for the first time my phone was synced, but since I accidenttly hit the eject button in the top right, this button has yet to come back. Even when the iPhone is linked via USB. Am I Crazy, stupid, or is this a bug?


    BTW, how did MrTrav15 have this problem on 10/17 a month-and-a-half before the launching of iTunes 11?

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    because wifi sync was just a marketing gimmick. the OS is crippled to not allow correct wifi sync.

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    It used to work, so I guess it's not really a gimmick? It was nice if my gf was using my mac  and I was on my phone. I could still sync music, and backup my phone without having to be tethered.A constructive response would be appreciated.

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    Even I CAN do it...its just too flaky... ramdom "searching for iphone", disconnects, etc. so not really usable frequently.