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I have a site that relies on midi files being played in the browser. Right up until before I upgraded to Mountain Lion I was able to play files with the .mid extension, now they just download instead or if embedded give me the 'missing plugin' message.


I have checked my installed plugins and I have quicktime 7.7.1 which doesn't list .mid as a supported extension anymore.


I can play .mid files through the QT 7 player which lists itself as Version 7.6.6 (1709) but under this is Quicktime 7.7.1 (2599).


So I don't know if the player is using something other than 7.7.1 or not. If it was just stock standard 7.7.1 then why has my .mid files stopped being played in the browser?


Is .mid support really being dropped if so does anyone know of a plugin to get back midi playback?



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