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Septentrion Level 1 (0 points)

Great that the finnish iTunes store finally has movies but when will the finnish language versions be available for download? I'm thinking of course primarily about the children's movies – it's completely useless to have such movies in the store if they're not dubbed in the local language.

  • kevin buick Level 2 (410 points)

    they should be u should be able to pick what language u want it in

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    Well, it says clearly on the movie's page (for example Rio) that "audio: english, closed captioning: english". I rented a movie last week end and there were no way to change the language.

  • kevin buick Level 2 (410 points)

    check the movie before u download and with closed captioning english its any going to have the english language look for movies with out the closed captioning

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    Moi DaroomaSama ! 


    I live in Japan and they have foreign movies in several formats some are dubbed with famous actors some are translated and use Ji 字 = word  幕 maqoo =curtain subtitles and some we can chose a different languge but iTunes is international and my settings are for Finnish too because I want to learn that with Swedish. but it does not work actually Dictionary and spell checker does work too on Mac.


    iTunes Japan seem to have laws and copy right laws that make different countries restrict what we can choose with movies and media.


    I want to see Finnish TV on line with Swedish subs but I can not I listen to Puhe.


    With siri and voice over maybe you can do something in Universial access.