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    Yes, onkelmudder, it's a tragedy. I've also got stuck in the middle of Automator which no longer has 'Save As...' -- The problem is compounded by the fact the Help Manual Info still thinks 'Save As...' is on the Menu.


    I have come up with Another workaround now most easy for me. A System's Preference Keyboard keystroke has to be added and then I set up a Macro for one command to happen after another.


    If interested, first, go to System's Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts and add a keyboard shortcut for the menu item Duplicate; I used Shift-Cmd-D.


    Then set up a Macro so that Shift-Cmd-D happens first and immediately the command for Save, Cmd-S happens next.


    There is an 'odd things,' that Duplicate appears twice in the Menu Structure, once under File and once under Edit and I have as yet No Idea how Duplicate under Edit is different from Copy but I'm sure some of the 'Art Nouveou Streamlining Extremist' will have an explaination.


    The Duplicate of Duplicate is mentioned in another thread about this.


    Perhaps the freebie app Quicksilver can be used to set up a Macro?  Spark, Butler ? or other freebie launch apps. Or others have other suggestions, like making an Automator or Apple Script.


    I use the Powermate Wheel for this so with one click on it the two keystrokes will happen; real easy and --- although I have No Commercial Interest in the firm -- their latest improvements to the software are near genius, allowing all sorts of Modified Clicks and Deep Clicks, and Twists...hold down the Cmd key and do it, or hold down the Option key and do it, etc. and gives me great easy of workflows and can solved repeative actions easy.


    'Save As..." -- boy, those were the 'good old days.'

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    You dont need to go to help to get Save As. Select File from the Pages menu and press the Alt key. That gives Save As and a nmber of other alternative menu items.

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    Do you realize that you have posted to a post that is over a year old? Since then Mountain Lion has been released with the feature you mentioned.



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    Choose the File menu with holding the option key, then you'll find the "Save as..." command.   Shortcut is Shift + option + command + S.

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