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I AM HAPPY WITH MY IPOD AND WITH APPLE     , but for godsake can apple please create an email or contact number just for general problems with itunes..somthing that isnt always prompting for hardware serial numbers or a credit card. it would be a great service to users.


my problem is not with my ipod but with itunes, every time i connect my ipod to itunes it tries to download the same 4 mike judge podcasts that i never subscribed too.. i delete, remove, even check every known area in itunes to make sure i am not subscibed to and im not, in fact they are so old they arent even in the apple itunes store any more...yet the next week i connect again, they come out of nowhere......how do i get rid of these ??? ?

Windows XP Pro, itunes
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    Has anyone else ever authorized your computer to use with Itunes? i.e. another apple id account? I had similar troubles when my husband put some of his stuff on my computer. I deleted everything that was his but I had to totally deauthorize his iphone as well to get it to stop looking for stuff for his Apple ID.