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Anyone still using IWEB? I love it for our radio shows, but yesterday I started getting this error message when I tried to publish:


"Can’t create the file “shapeimage_3_link_0.png.” The disk may be damaged or full, or you may not have sufficient access privileges."


The published site is at http://www.StarStyleRadio,com.  We were updating the PRAISE page when it happened, but it won't let us update any page on the site now.


We did go to inspector and increase the page width to 1024 pixels and height to 768 pixels, but still getting message.


How do we find the troublesome png and how do we get rid of it?


Do we need to re-install ILIFE? We are using IWEB 3.04, the latest version.


Thanks so much.


Love the Mac, but hate these issues and wish there was still support for IWEB.


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