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Is there a way to view Reports for individual Collections?  When I review my Usage Reports or look at Reports within the PSM I only get a break down of total user actions per day for the whole site.  I don't see a way to view data for just a single Collection.  It would be extremely helpful to me and my faculty if we could see reports or stats for specific Collections.  For example, if I could see total subscriptions and downloads for HIST1010.  It'd be even better if we could view totals for whole months rather than each day of the month but at this point any data about a whole individual Collection would be great.  Any help in viewing the data in this way is really appreciated.





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    Greetings Nikki;

         You can view a dailly breakdown of an individual Collection by doing the following:  From the "Reports" page, select "Details".  You'll then get a list of dates.  Select the date that you want to view.  You'll then get a list of all of your Collections (see attached screen capture).  Select the "iTunes ID" number.  You'll then be able to view the individual tracks in that Collection and the download details for the individual tracks. 

         I hope that things are well with you!  All the best...


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    Hi Syd,


    Thanks so much for your prompt reply.  I was able to use your directions to pull stats for the last few weeks for the faculty member who requested this info. 


    My dream (if Apple is reading) would be to view monthly stats and have that information attached to each course so faculty members could view and sort that information on their own.  This would be especially helpful because as our site continues to grow and I continue to encourage faculty to manage their own content, the ability to access the data on their Collections would provide great feedback on how their ocntent is being used.  Being able to see how frequently the content they're taken the time to make is being used could be empowering.


    Anyway, thanks again for assisting with how to access the data that is currently available.