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I'm using an iPhone 4, iOS 6. I run a Mac and have set podcasts to keep 1 most recent episode. It simply will not honor this setting. Tried deleting/reloading Podcasts app won't remember played episodes. It will randomly decide all xx previous episodes are new and unplayed. Even after marking all as played it will show it as such and then an hour later revert. This is not shown on my home computer or on an ipad or what not just FYI. It automatically deletes played episodes. I'd like to keep the most recent episode of all the podcasts I subscribe to and only delete once the new one is downloaded. In case I want to refer back. It regularly deletes them, requiring me to redownload the episode and annihilating my data cap. It just won't actually sync or work correctly at all.


Any advice or help is very much appreciated. I hate to vent; it is just exasperating.


PS: I understand many people like third party providers and you'd think I'd have done that given how much I listen to podcasts but this ought to work and work like Amazon's whispersync. Whoever is in charge of this is a bozo that's blowing it and I hope they are aware of it.

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    not remembering played episodes is happening with me too.


    it is very frustrating, especially with podcast that have hundreds of episodes.


    open the podcast app and there is 800 or 900 unplayed episodes !!.


    not just that, even when i play an episode then delete it, it will come back as unplayed.


    another thing, when i sync or transfer podcasts not all of them will transfer to the computer or the iphone.


    this is very frustrating and i have not seen any progress or any thing solved in the updates.

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    This is happening to me too. It's frustrating because when you open the app it doesn't go to the most current podcast, but to the ones from two years ago first. So you have to scroll through hundreds if podcasts to get to the one you want to listen to.

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    I am also having problems with 100s of played podcasts being listed.  Like others, if I delete a podcast, it reappears as unplayed the next time I open podcast app in a WiFi zone.  In the meantime, the app stops working while it tries to handle all the new info.  Finally for some podcasts, it plays and old episode when I select the most recent. I keep selecting "Mark all as played" only to see 100s show up a few hours later. I would prefer played episodes not to be listed in menu at all!


    I listen  to podcasts on the subway without any ability to stream and prefer to access only from my phone and not have to fuss with computer.

    I have read that if you delete the app to go back to using Music app, you can no longer download new podcasts but must do in iTunes.  Is there any fix or workaround?