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My iMac became terribly slow to the extent that I could wait for 10 minutes for safari to launch.  I decided to back up the computer and re-install the original software by erasing the hard drive and start afresh.


I have started this process about 20 hours ago and it is still going (changed to disk 2) about 3 hours ago.  I'm getting no errors but this seems to be by slow.  Is this normal?


Many thanks

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    First, it appears that you are running OS 10.6.8 on this iMac, which indicates you have an Intel-based iMac.  This forum is for Non-Intel-Based Macs (PowerPC G3,G4,G5).  You might get better help there.


    That being said, no it doesn't sound normal.  However, since you're that far along, I wouldn't stop the re-install at this point.


    This might be a heat issue or a hardware issue.  I just saw this the other day:




    I don't know if this even applies to your iMac or not.


    I hope some of this helps.


    Good luck.

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    Thank you. I read somewhere else that this could be due to a failure of HD component. I did try to run disk diagnostics and there were no errors but people say that this error is not picked up by diagnostics.


    Anyway, I will take it to an apple store and see what they say.


    Thank you for your help