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I am on the new Retina and cant seem to find under Window Activity where to screen record. I downloaded Tube TV and its not working either. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 6
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    No need to screenrecord.

    despite it is illegal, there are a lot of software for grabbing youtube videos. Use google, try them one by one, until work.

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    That menu option, which was very useful for capturing YouTube videos, has been removed in Mountain Lion.  Annoying, I know!  What you need to do is turn on the Develop menu in Safari by going into Preferences -> Advanced. Then open the YouTube page with the video you want and select 'Show Page Resources' from the Develop menu.  In the left hand pane under 'Other' you will see a line that starts 'videoplayback', click it and in the right hand pane under location you will see 'Full URL'. Copy and paste that URL into the address bar of Safari.  Hold down the option key and press Enter, the video will appear in your Downloads folder.

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    I use lion, in safari extensions there is one you can find called 'youtube options' , besides various youtube tweaks, it puts, underneath the youtube video, several links to download different quality versions of the video.


    Otherwise, you can use quicktime, it has an option for screen recording. If you need to record audio as well, download the ' BoomDevice ' plugin for mac, install it, when you are ready to record the video in quicktime, click screen recording from the file tab, then in the quicktime window click ont he down arrow to the right of the record button, and select boom device. Then start the recording and play your youtube video. You will not hear any sound, but be assured that the sound is being recorded.