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I want to take individual Garage Bandtracks to a commercial studio for mixdown and mastering.  How do I get them on a CD so they can be lined up with pro tools?

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    Share them to iTunes and in iTunes add them to a playlist; then burn this playlist to a CD.


    When you share to iTunes (Share > Send Song to iTunes) don't enable the "compress" option. Then your songs will be rendered as aiff files in CD quality.





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    c0dyb0y0 wrote:


    I want to take individual Garage Bandtracks to a commercial studio for mixdown and mastering.



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    Do you refer to a CD because it is the requirement of the ProTools studio?

    The only thing they need are the separate audio files as uncompressed aiff files. The delivery medium doesn't matter. It seems that a USB stick is more convenient and also comes in bigger storage sizes than a CD.

    If you talk a bout a CD, then there is the question do you mean an Audio CD (which would be an unusual delivery format) or a Data CD. Either case, you're running into size limitations unless you choose data DVDs. EIther way, I would prefer USB stick.


    The most important thing is that all the single tracks are exported from the same start time, so the ProTools engineer just lines them up and everything is in sync. Good practice is to use the Cycle Range for the export and therefore have the same end point for the individual exports too. That is an additional assurance on the ProTools side if all audio region line up perfectly, no drift, no accidental start time error, etc. THe less energy the ProTools engineer wastes on trouble shooting the more energy he has to do a great mix.


    One thing you shouldn't overlook are the Master Effects in GarageBand. They are also exported even if you solo a single Track. You might want to leave the exported Tracks as dry as possible unless the effect is part of a special sound and not just a reverb that the mixing engineer might want to replace.


    One more thing:

    I wouldn't recommend burning your tracks on an Audio CD via iTunes for mix delivery. You will loose the dynamic resolution. CDs standard is 16bit but if you "Export Song to disk…" you can maintain your 24bit resolution. FOr that you should have set your GarageBand Preferences at "Preferences > Advanced > Audio Resolution > Best"



    Good luck with your mix


    Edgar Rothermich

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