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Hi, firstly my set up:


Home computer:

Mac running  OSX 10.8.2

iCal 6.0 (or is just called 'Calendar these days - I'll call it iCal for short )


Work computer:

PC running Win7

Outlook 2007

iCloud Control Panel installed, and configured using my existing iCloud account



Me - iPhone, iPad

wife: iPhone


Desired use case:

  • I have my work diary, managed from my PC, viewable (and editable) from my iPhone, iPad, iCal (locally on Mac), and I have my 'Personal' diary on iCal
  • I've also set up a 'Family Diary', the purpose of which is for my wife and I to enter all events that we both need to be aware of, mainly evening and weekend events.
  • I have set up the 'Family Diary' to be shared with my wife and also my work e-mail address as I need to be able to view the Family Diary, and ideally add/edit it from within Outlook
  • It works fine with my wife's iPhone and her instance of iCal across 2 Macs



  • When I set up my iCloud Control Panel on my PC and select Contacts, Calendars & Tasks, only the 'Personal' diary shows in Outlook.
  • If I send a share invite from my Mac to my work e-mail address, I get an invite to 'Join' the Family Diary but this links through to my iCloud webpage and I'm told I can't join a calendar I'm sharing.
  • I also notice that within my 'Personal in iCloud' calendar in Outlook if I enter an event here it does not show up in iCal or on my iPhone. I see the events entered in iCal in Outlook, but not the other way around


Question (x2)

  1. How to I get the Family Diary visable and editable in Outlook?
  2. Does the iCloud Control Panel allow for editing a iCal diary within Outlook, or only really view events created in OS X or iOS?


Many thanks - I'm kinda tearing my hair out with this

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    UPDATE: the item entered into my Personal iCloud calendar in Outlook has just appeared on my iPhone.So it looks like the sync is 2 way.


    However the main issue - having my Family Diary visible and editable in Outlook - very much remains