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With some PDF file created with Pages (iWork 4.2) in Moutain Lion, Quartz Filter don't work.


Example :

- Create a new doc with template "Personnal News" ("Nouvelles Personnelles in french) in "Newsletter"

- Print dialog, "PDF" button "Open PDF with Preview"

- In Preview, export in PDF with filter "Gray Tone"

--> Problem : The PDF created is not in "Gray tone" but in color

--> Same problems with others Quartz Filter, they do anything


- With template "School" ("Lycée" in French) --> Final PDF is a mix of color and gray tone !

- With template "Extrems Sports" (Sports Extremes in french) --> No problem, quartz filters works


If i create the PDF with page export and use "Preview" (or Color Sync utility"), Do a PDF export with  a Quartz filters.

--> same problem


No problem with same manipulations before Mountain Lion (in Lion, ...). I think it's a Moutain Lion bug but it's very strange!


Has anyone noted this bug?

Is anyone know a solution to this pb?




Note :

- I have the problem with a simple update of Lion in Moutain Lion and after a clean install of Moutain Lion.

- I have a boot disk with 10.5 Leopard and if i open the pdf file with Preview, the PDF file exported with quartz filter is ok.

OS X Mountain Lion