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I have been waiting since the announcement and they stated it will be released in late October now its 23rd Oct and still no release. Does anyone know when it will actually be intially released?

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    Apple has only announced October.

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    They only said late October. Knowing Apple that could be up to the 31st.

    I was hoping they'd released it after the event, but oh well, one can only hope.

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    I understand that Apple said a month and a half ago that they'd release iTunes 11 late October. What I don't understand is how there's only a week left of October and there hasn't even been a whisper since the initial announcement. It just seems a little disprespectful...and that isn't even talking about Apple's slap in the face with the iPad (4 gen) announcement today! It's only been six months since 3 was released. Apple...make better choices.

    Okay...I'm done ranting now. We will see iTunes 11 when we see it.

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    I was just getting ready to start a discussion on this same subject. Perhaps they were waiting until after Windows 8 launched which was officially October 26th (which I am not thrilled with 8 at all). Maybe 8 is good for their own tablet but for a notebook, they seem to be trying to emulate apple by calling their programs "apps" and it is like hide and seek trying to find anything... not to mention outdated drivers...


    Anyway, I hope they keep the "October" date of which is only 4 more days.


    Or, since some of the flubs of IOS 6 it may be delayed   I hope for the release but the silence is not a good sign.