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When I export a photo from aperture, I am getting a different file size than what it says in aperture.  This happens with edited images or non-edited.  I've tried changing the export presents and they all give me different file sizes, which makes sense.  But I can't seem to export a photo and get it to come out the exact same size as what it says in aperture.  If I set the quality to 12 in export presets, it ends up being much larger than what it is in aperture, if it's set to 11 or lower the photo ends up being smaller than aperture's size.  What am I doing wrong?

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    That's how JPG works.  The compression is redone every time the file is saved.  When you export, you create a new file.  If you create a JPG, it will be created to the compressing setting you use, but that compression setting is specific to the program using it, and will not result in a file of the same size saved by a different program.


    The only way to get the exact same file is to export the file you imported -- in Aperture, this is done as "File➞Export➞Original".


    If you are aiming for the highest quality JPG that fits within a upper limit of storage required (e.g. 5 MB), you can make small changes using "Size to" set to "Percent of Original" and then trying, for example, 90%.  For almost all uses a quality of 11 is more than sufficient.  For printing (where max IQ is primary, and file size shouldn't matter) use TIFF 16-bit.