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Here's a new one for the absolute Geniuses out there.


I recently had a battery repair on my Macbook Pro Retina Display, which was successful. After using my computer normally for another week, my keyboard has become ill.


My RIGHT SHIFT key doesn't work at all, nor do the F1 through to F9 keys.


As I was told by the Genius who repaired my laptop the first time, this laptop has been extremely well looked after.  It has no dents whatsoever, has never been dropped, is always used on a hard, level surface for the sake of heat distribution and is just generally well cared for.


I can't really track down any similar issues on the entire Internet. The fact that surrounding keys work as normal seems weird, and the backlighting is A OK as well.


If you people can fix this one, I'll be extremely impressed. I'm assuming I'm going to be taking my second trip to the Genius Bar in as many weeks though.  Please prove me wrong, or maybe a switch back to Windows is in order... (*shudders*)

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)