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Can I qualify for the new iMac upgrade after purchasing the previous one three weeks ago?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    We are Not Apple here in these Forums.  We are just fellow Users like yourself who help each other.  You need to contact Apple, such as an Apple Store, to ask them what their policy is on that.



    Hope this helps

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    ok thanks anyway

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    Let me offer you my experience.  I ordered an iMac from the Apple Store on-line.  About a week after that, the then-new iMacs were introduced.  I called the Apple 800 number and asked them if I could switch the order to the new iMac.  I was told that since my original order had not been shipped, I could.  I did so and there was only the additional charge for the increased price for the new version.


    I'd suggest that you call Apple and inquire.