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I have 64 iPads out in distribution, all using the Supervised function in Apple Configurator, where I pre-loaded a number of paid apps purchased through the VPP program.  One of the iPads came back because it was having wifi problems.  So I grabbed another spare iPad so that I could configure it with the paid apps and send the person on their way.  I went to the VPP site, purchased a couple more codes for the apps and followed the procedure I did with the other 64 iPads.  But now I'm at the point of importing the spreadsheet with the new codes and I keep getting the below error message.


Redemption Codes Not Imported

The spreadsheet provided had redemption codes for "(null)."  Please provide a spreadsheet with codes for "Name of the App Here." 


I've tried several times to repeat the process and I get the same message.  In addition, I've tried deleting the apps from Configurator and adding them again with no luck at all at getting configurator to accept the codes from the VPP purchase.


Any help would be appreciated.

iPad, iOS 6