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is this a good place or time to ask about photostream? i have read up on it and frankly i am still a lot confused.


does anyone know if the photos basically /stay/ in your libraries (i have a mac pro a macbook pro and a iphone), irrespective of what you do on one of your machines? i mean, i came back from a trip, i took photos on my iphone, i now have an october 2012 photostream on both my mac pro my macbook pro and my iphone.


can i add images to the ALBUM on one of the computers and have these images added to my iphone photostream?


can i delete from one of these two computers and have it deleted from my phone?


what in the world happens when i SYNC my iphone to the aperture library on my MAC PRO? do the photos i took get uploaded to the aperture library and ALSO stay in the October 2012 photostream?


thanks for any help it is not working in a way i understand...

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), with 64 bit Win7 in Parallel
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    There are photo stream settings in Aperture Preferences that control whether photo stream photos get automatically imported into Aperture. If enabled, Aperture automatically imports new photos from the photo stream to a monthly project (Its a project, not an album). Once imported into this project, what you do in the actual photo stream doesn't affect what's in the project. And changes you make in the project don't affect what's in the photo stream.


    If you want changes you made in the project to appear in photo stream so you can see it on other devices, you must copy those photos manually back to photo stream. To do this use the Share menu or right click the photo and choose Share->Photo Stream.


    Nothing affects what's in the photo stream except manually deleting photos (from within Aperture or your iOS devices) or automatically deleting photos either by exceeding the 1000 photo stream limit or 30 day limit.


    Remember, the actual photo stream that shows in Aperture is totally separate from any monthly project that Aperture automatically creates with photos imported from photo stream.

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    Here are some support articles you may want to read, Jon:


    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ


    iCloud: Photo Stream Troubleshooting


    And if you want to use shared Photo Streams:


    iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Shared Photo Streams