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I JUST bought a brand new Sony NEX-F3K thinking that the .ARW format would be compatible (Apple lists the NEX family .ARW format as compatible).  Has anyone else found that this format is not supported?  I just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

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    .ARW is not a format.  It's a family of formats.  RAW files are goofy this way.


    If the camera is not expliclitly listed on the Aperture page (by name), it's not supported and likely won't work.


    If you want to know if or when it will be supported, that's something nobody here can answer.  Apple doesn't release any information like that, despite many people here asking ;-)

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    Yeah, shame on me.  The interesting thing about this camera is that it is in the NEX-3 family which IS on the list.  This includes the NEX-C3 and the NEX-F3 series.  Other users have stated that their camera RAW formats WERE supported by Aperture 3.3x but after the update to Aperture 3.4, their camera RAW files were suddenly no longer usable.  This is problematic, but supposedly the Apple and Sony software engineers are looking into the problem.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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    The most recent update to Aperture and iPhoto include RAW support for Sony NEX-F3 series.  Although I haven't tried it yet, I'm gonna mark this one as solved.