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i bought the newest model of the imac when i came out mid 2011, the first week it came out. Well now im about a mo out of the 1 year warrenty and yesterday my screen was fine.


Tonight i notice a huge ghosting/ burned area from when i opened itunes lastnight to watch a movie on my apple tv, the ghost immage is right where the itunes window was, the ghosting is all of the shadow area where the window was, about 50% of it.


how can you get ghosting from 1 day? one would assume if its going to happen, it would be the menu bar which is always up, always in the same spot but this is super distracting as im a heavy photoshop user.


any options / help / this happened to you?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1), dual monitor 4 external drives 6TB
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    Justin Bitner Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    So i first called apple care and thye requested i take it to a apple store, so i trek it out there. The guy looks at it for 2 min and says he cant see it. So i move a window around so he does see the gray that doesnt move with the window and he says "i would just deal with it. Your out of warrenty by a few months, you didnt buy apple care, so its going to be $400 to replace the screen." Handed it back and just walked off for another person....


    Of the countless times i have been the the genius bar with my 10+ apple comps, several ipads and iphones, thats been the crappyiest support visit i have ever had. No, lets try this, lets look up a solution, or let me talk to the manager to see what he thinks.......


    not too pleased right now.

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    hmmm... I see that grey after image. Dissapointing.


    What I believe you may have is a condition that sometimes happens with LCD screens. I firmly believe you have stuck pixels on your monitor and that I may have a solution for you.




    This Application (java based) rapidly changes your LCDs resolution and colours. This can bring back some of the the monitors suffering from this issue. You may need to run it it overnight to get your pixels unstuck.

    Give it a shot! It's free. I have tried this program for a simular issue with a green ghosting on a 2010 model iMac

    and the problem was solved.


    DO NOT WATCH THE SCREEN! It'll make you sick... for those suffering from epilepsy, get someone else to run it for you!!

    Let the program run on it's own.


    Other resources are located here:


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    And, you accepted that behavior? I'd been looking for a manager and getting service that's deserved. Since you didn't, then give Conor's solution a shot.

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    Justin Bitner Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    so i found a solution on another forum to fix the issue.


    You make a all solid white picture in photoshop or other program, and set it as a screensaver for the computer. Have the computer not put the display to sleep and run it all night (it took me 3 nights) and it got rid of the ghosting.

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    Agree, it does indeed sound like for whatever reason Justin decided to not deal with Apple and take in his iMac.

    I don't get it either.


    I'd be mad as **** at Apple if I discovered a flaw like this on my screen. NOT good!