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Used to be able to share a Pages document using the Share button and selecting email, but now I just get a beep and nothing happens. Have to export as a Word doc and then launch Mail and attach. Worked fine until upgraded to Mountain Lion and newest Pages update.


Using Pages, I create minutes of meetings and then distribute to a group via email. The old way was very convienient...am I missing something or has this ability been done away with.

Pages, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Using Pages '09 v4.2 on latest Mountain Lion update (10.8.2 + supplement).


    Opened new Pages document. Typed some gibberish. Then from Share > Send via Mail > Pages, this resulted in an iconified Pages document attached to a new email.


    So it works for me. The gibberish that I typed: “foobar ex libris.”


    I would restrict filenaming to all ascii or ascii punctuated with these characters: ‘-’, or ‘_’

    Anything else with embedded spaces, or other embellishments may be your cause.

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    Yes, this works for me too...until I try as a Word doc, thenit fails. Worked great before latest updates.

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    I just ran a test with Pages again here. Chose the Send via Mail > Word option and it dutifully placed a Word document into Mail as an attachment. I then selected that attachment, hit the space-bar, and QuickLook opened the Word attachment in LibreOffice Writer, something I optionally installed in place of MS Word.


    I have just systematically reviewed my Pages preferences and Inspector settings and see nothing that alleviates my consternation for your results.


    My Pages '09 v4.2 was purchased from the App Store.



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    Jerry asked the name of your file in the other thread and I don't think you responded.


    I'm still using Snow Leopard, so I can't check, but I believe Export fails silently, just as you are describing, in the newer operating systems, when the name contains an "illegal" character. Previously the system was apparently more tolerant.