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I'm currently running WinXP in Boot Camp on an iMac. I just picked up one of the new Mac minis and would like to install Boot Camp on there, but since XP is no longer supported, it's finally time to upgrade.


My question is, can I purchase the upgrade version of Windows 8 even though I intend in installing it on the new Mac? I intend to wipe the iMac clean, so I wouldn't be violating the licensing agreement by running them both.


Will the Windows 8 installer require that I install it over an existing installation, or will it let me install on a new Boot Camp partition and let me enter my XP activation key as proof of ownership?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Late 2012
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    My situation is somewhat different, but it may help.


    I wanted to install an upgrade version of Win7 from a retired PC onto a BootCamp partition (I'm running Snow Leopard), but didn't have an existing OS to upgrade.

    I created the partition with Disk Utility, not with Bootcamp, and specified the DOS (FAT) format. I'm not sure if that's relevant, but that was my procedure, in case it is.


    I tried installing from a (very old) XP (SP1) disk, which isn't supported. It installed, but I couldn't get IE to connect so I could upgrade to XPSP3. I finally hunted thru the drivers in the Boot Camp folder on the OS X disk and manually installed the ethernet driver. That allowed me to connect to the Web.


    Then I downloaded the XPSP3 update, but it wouldn't install. Remember - it's not supported, so I was on my own.

    I did manage to get MS to accept the authorization code though, so I had a valid (although obsolete) XP installation.


    I tried upgrading from XPSP1 directly to Win7, but that didn't work. It said I couldn't upgrade from XP SP1 to Win7. I figured I'd just do a clean install (without first wiping XP)  and use Win7 for 30 days until the upgrade was no longer valid. Lo and behold, after installing I entered my Win 7 activation code when prompted and it worked! The authorized (way obsolete) XP install was recognized by the Win7 upgrade and satisfied the 'upgrade' requirement. I now have Win7/OS X 10.6 dual boot without spending a dime!


    Good luck. I hope some of this helps you.