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I have an instruction manual, broken into sections for each program my client is using (e.g., iPhoto=section 1, iTunes=section 2). I'd like to include a section number before the page number [Section 2 Page 4] and have that info appear in the Table Of Contents. I can do this automatically in MS Word, but it does not seem to be possible in Pages.


Has anyone developed a work around?

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Export the Table of Contents and reimport it as plain text back into your Pages document then add the section number as a prefix to your page number.


    I am sure that you have reasons for doing this but reconsider its usefulness.


    1. Page numbers are perfectly adequate for finding anything in a document, they run in sequence and give you an idea how far into the document to look


    2. Hyperlinks will take you to the page anyway


    3. You can number the Section Title and that will appear in the T.O.C. making the prefix rather redundant


    4. The numbers are really irrelevant, it is the subject eg iPhoto that has meaning and the number means you have to cross reference to establish what it means



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    All good points, Peter. Here's the catch: my client is 83, she needs a printed guide while she works thru the manual. In the manual, I use dividers with labels so she can easily reference the right section. So, I want the auto section numbers to work when I add a new page or four to any given section/program.


    I want to use the iWorks programs, but they still lack many of the 'advanced features' of M/S Office. One example from Excel: if I merge cells down a column that has a fill, like numbers, Excel corrects the numbering, Numbers does not.This auto-section numbering is another. I keep hoping that Apple will add some significant updates, but I am losing hope. The products still lack features that would allow me to go 'all Apple' for my technical dox and spreadsheets.


    I have done some neat things with Numbers, including a small program to help decipher crypto-quizzes found in many newspapers (see: http://imagistics.ca/Sample_files_files/Crytogram%20Spreadsheet.pdf). But I still find I am going to the M/S products on a regular basis for client work. I have done some nice merges with data from Numbers into Pages documents, but here again, M/S offers far more formatting for the merged data (insert numbers in word format, e.g., one hundred forty-five dollars and thirty-two cents).


    I know that I am not Apple's target audience, but I bet that there are any number of technical writers who share my problems to one degree or another. It would be nice to hear that Apple runs focus groups for experts in order to improve the products.


    Anyway, thanks for your well-reasoned response. I hope my explanation help you understand my needs better.



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    Juts correcting a misconception there, I am not Apple and mostly agree with you.


    Apple needs to do a lot more work on iWork. A full on database in the suite wouldn't hurt either. Maybe they could use a better office suite themselves, weaning themselves of Microsoft Office (most Apple people I've met don't use their own software).


    The work around of exporting and reimporting the TOC is currentlt the only way around the problem, sorry about that.