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I'm doing some test work with some Red footage imported to Final Cut Pro via Red-cine Pro. I am doing a basic grade and then exporting it as an uncompressed file. The grade looks fine on my computer monitor and the test screen in my suite. However, when I export the file and check it on the broadcast monitor in the other suite it is really dark. I have tested the monitor with previous projects and they are fine in both suites. I think there is something very suspect happening in the export but I can't figure out what it is. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Because you didn't grade it while looking at a broadcast monitor.  Computer monitors show colors VERY differently than broadcast monitors...and the FCP interface...Viewer and Canvas...aren't accurate at all. Not designed to be.


    But you say this worked before.


    HOW do you export this file? What do you mean by "uncompressed?" Are you converting the footage to some other codec besides the one you edited it as?