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I'm having an interening issue, well two.


Fi0rst off I am Running OS 10.5.8 and I am using a Full apple keyboard model number 2171.


Now two things, first my G5 is running a little slow, it takes a few seconds for the graphies to kick over and second, well its as if the right or down arrow key os held down, prutty much sending the cureser to the right side of the screen.


Dose anyone have any idea's on what I shouyld do?


I gave the keyboard a look over and there dosen't seem to be anything wrong, the other thing is that I pluged my mac keyboard into my Windows PC and works without the issue.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Since the keyboard works fine on another computer, you probably have a software glitch, or an internal hardware problem.


    Try the answer by den.thed in this discussion that is marked as 'This solved my question":




    If that doesn't work, you could try:


    1) resetting the PRAM


    2) resetting the SMU


    3) running Disk Utility and Repair Permissions on your startup drive


    Which exact iMac G5 model do have?  It's now several years old, and the PRAM battery might need replacing, which is an easy do-it-yourself on some models.  The iMac G5 iSight is the only model that you shouldn't do this on your own - take it to an Apple Authorized Repair facility.  The PRAM battery for all G5s is this:




    If you have your original - came with the iMac - install discs, you could restart the computer using it and use the Apple Hardware Test program, which would test the RAM, logicboard, etc., but not the keyboard.


    Good luck.

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    For now its seem to have stopped, which is good, it took about six boots before it stopped.


    Anway the model is: 2008 iMac 20in, if I am reading it correctly and it dosen't have iSight, so yeah, somewhat old.


    As for the bettry, ah yes I have replaced them many times in PC's, I've seen some last as long as well... 15 years and others only a few weeks after the computer as sold.


    Its been a few years since I picked this up and i am thinking it might be time to wipe the HDD and start again.

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    iOSiPhone4s wrote:


    Anway the model is: 2008 iMac 20in, if I am reading it correctly and it dosen't have iSight, so yeah, somewhat old.



    That is not a G5 iMac; it's an Intel model. PPC (G-series) Macs were discontinued in 2005.


    Please go to  > About This Mac > More Info > Hardware overview and tell us the Model Identifier.