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I had no issues on my MBP 10.7.5 with FCPX 10.0.5. I updated to the 10.0.6 and now everything is extremely sluggish and it crashes frequently. Trashed preferences, and rebooted several times but it's just slow as mollases and ocassionally get the spinning wheel treatment just when I click around on the timeline! I don't have RedGiant plugins. I do have a couple of others but I'm not using them on the current project I'm using, which is a simple 1min project with DSLR footage (not proxy). So, I'm not using plugins on the timeline and just grading using FCPX interface but sitll not getting anywhere. Any recommendations? I wish I hadn't upgraded!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 17"
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    Try deleting your render files and re rendering, I often find it may be as simple as that.


    delete render files.png


    If that does not work try using Digital Rebellions tools.




    let us know how you go.



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    I'm surprised others don't have this same problem. It all started after the upgrade. I just can not function with FCPX anymore after that upgrade! I have no idea. I'll have to call or take it to the store. It's bizzar! It keeps on crashing.. I even removed my old events and projects from it and started fresh.. Still the same, even after I created a new event and imported some new footage and made a new project!

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    Have you tried running Disk Utilities on your system since upgrading? Worthwhile trying repair persmissions and repair disk.


    Also try creating a new user and see if the same thing happens, this will show whether it is an app or system issue.