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  • 15. Re: Remove @me and use @icloud as primary address?
    olli.vdl Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    CONFIRMED: send from @me.com automatically updated on my iPhone. The days of @me are nearly completely gone for me...

  • 16. Re: Remove @me and use @icloud as primary address?
    rohitfromst-leon rot Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    olli.vdl wrote:


    I was wondering why all of a sudden I could choose to send emails from @icloud.com as well as @me.com. That appeared out of nowhere in my iPhone's mail app. I read people are mentioning a mail they woudl have received about this thing happening..? I didn't see any.


    Anyways, as Google is your friend... I found this popping up in my search wizzardry:



    If you go to to the iCloud Mail prefs on the web interface:




    in the composing tab, you will see a setting called "Send From".


    There you can choose which default address to use.


    @icloud.com was the setting, (which I never visited before). I left it at that, as I assume it is the whole point.


    below it is a setting "choose which address you would like to be able to send from"


    There you can choose be able to send from both @me.com and @icloud.com (set as default), and you can choose to not send from the non-default address above it...


    Bottom line:

    you can always get email on both @me.com and @icloud.com


    you can choose from which one to send as default, and if you want to be able to send from both...


    It would be cool to have Apple send a auto reply to people using the one you don't use, so you have only in- and outgoing traffic trough one of them...


    Does this solve the issue..?


    No, believe the problem was described again..


    While most of the users can choose to send from either @me.com OR @icloud.com, Apple allows for recieving mails only on the .. @me.com address for many users as of today. Meaning, the @iCloud.com id still needs to be activated at the backend by Apple for many many users.


    Imaginary situation, if i were to activate the @icloud.com as the default address, i would be able to send mails without an issue - but - only to wonder - why i don't get responses.. q;-) Unless of course an expliciti 'Reply to" address is set. But then this would beat the purpose of having an @iCloud.com id - or? ;-)

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