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I have imported an iPhoto library (c. 15,000 images) into Aperture 3.4.1.  Unfortunately, the import does not appear to have worked properly and I have a considerable number of missing images (see attached screenshot for an example)


Taking IMG_2054.CR2 as an example, there are two files with that name in my original iPhoto Library (which I saved as a backup).  The two files are different images (taken on different cameras).  When I look inside the Aperture library there is, however, only one IMG_2054.CR2, which is not this image.


I wondered whether the problem is with the fact that there two identically named images but the same is true of IMG_2054.CR2 but Aperture handles this fine.


I don't know what has gone wrong and can't see any pattern to the problem and can't work out how to rectify it short of painstakingly searching for each missing image in the iPhoto Library and reimporting.


Can anyone shed any light on this and what I can do that will resolve the issue with the least work on my part?


Many thanks

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)