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I was delighted to find that iMovie '11 will import clips directly from my old Sony DCR-DVD203 HandyCam.  This camcorder records on minidiscs and can be connected to my Mac via USB.   My one disappointment is that every clip is marked with the same timecode, the date and time of the first clip on the disc.  I was prepared for the timecode information not to transfer or even for today's date and time to show up in the timecode.  To get one timecode but not the others is so frustrating.  I have tried grabbing just one clip at a time, but they still are transferred with the date and time of the first clip on the disc.  Any ideas, or should I accept that I need to rename all the clips with the correct date and time?


As an aside, am I getting the best quality going directly into iMovie, or could I improve by going through something like MPEG Streamclip which gives me more options?



iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    fan 28 -


       I have had the same exp[erience as you importing into iMovie '09 from my Sony DCR-DVD203.  In my import each date was a separate event and so the problem was lessend.  I only had to correct date and time data for 2nd and subsequent shoots on each different day.  I could read the dates and times in the cam and then manually change them in events to get everything correctly, including order.


       As an aside, my import into iMovie '09 seems to only work with finalized DVD-R mini disks.  When I shot more on a DVD-RW disc (VR format), even though it was finalized, I can not get it to import,  The mini DVD shows up on my desktop, and the contents are:      folder: DVD_RTAV

                                                                files:  VR_MANGR.BUP


                                                                          VR_MOVIE.VRO - (This file plays on VLC)


       So now I am trying to figure out how to convert so that I can get these into iMovie '09.


       - Randy