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I moved country, changed iTunes stores and now my Apps can't be updated!?

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  • Sulaiman.K Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Subs_255 wrote:


    So until that I often change my accounts, there will be no termination ? I don't like the multi-account, I just wanna change my account for an american one and pay with PayPal (until here I was paying in iTunes Store cards) because there are more applications for me when I'm searching.


    If I make an american (U.S.) account and ALWAYS use it, paying with PayPal, there will be no problem ? Apple won't terminate my account ? For real ?

    There won't be termination. You can use your America iTunes Store in France and nothing will happen it will be normal but only if you change store to France you will lost the apps that you already bought in America iTunes Store.


    Yes it's for real.

  • Subs_255 Calculating status...

    Oh. So that's it ? I mean, the french apps can always be redownloaded from the french account, but I won't be able to use french ones with the american account ? If it's just like that, everything's perfect and the world is pink to me then. Thank you a lot, my friend.

  • Sulaiman.K Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Subs_255 wrote:


    Oh. So that's it ? I mean, the french apps can always be redownloaded from the french account, but I won't be able to use french ones with the american account ? If it's just like that, everything's perfect and the world is pink to me then. Thank you a lot, my friend.

    You can still download French app using America iTunes store but if only the app is available for America iTunes you can download it for free either if it's showing you $ xx.xx Buy you will get it for free and you won't be charged again and if you don't have the French app in the America iTunes Store then you can't do anything and you won't able to download the app again.


    If you're worried of losing your French iTunes Store purchase then i might suggest you to create another account for America iTunes so you do better to use that account regularly in America or anywhere.

  • Subs_255 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh, no, don't worry about that. As I said yesterday, I don't like the multi-account, so I think I'm gonna buy all my apps again. Besides, as I also said, there are more apps that I like (in addition to the ones I already have on my french iTunes account) on the U.S. iTunes Store ; that's the reason why I'm planning to make an U.S. account…

  • Subs_255 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Or, at least, all the apps that are "essential to me"…

  • mark day123 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a similar issue. Old apple id is linked to defunct email address, so no issues with different geography. should be easier to recitfy right? Wrong. after spending several hours with apple support, apple securiy and itunes- there is nothing I can do to get $700 worth of songs and movies back. Its quite insane. I moved 4 times since 2006, 3 new jobs so we changed email accounts and creditcards and set up an new apple id. The email linked to the apple account no longer exists after they were acquired. I can recall the apple ID and the key question for the security. Apple policy wants the ccard i used back in 2006, the device registered (which was stolen). Despite the fact thay can clearly prove I am legitimate, they still wont allow me to reset my account because their policy is 3 specific peices of information. I am so dissapointed that this is very black and white for them. Best thing to do, is buy everything (music) from Amazon from here on in so the damned thing isnt locked in the first place. I cant beleive how arrogant apple are becoming and I cant beleive there is no solution to this problem. Apple just ate anothyer afternoon in my life in the name of my security. Now on hold with Customer Care, who are onhold for the relevant Apple department -- this is crazy. 4hours today...

  • Jsjxyz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)


    There won't be termination. You can use your America iTunes Store in France and nothing will happen it will be normal but only if you change store to France you will lost the apps that you already bought in America iTunes Store.


    Yes it's for real."



    NOT in my case, I have US account that is being used from a long time ago, since I lived in US, then as I move to several countries the ID can be used without problem.  Then one day, suddenly Apple dissable my ID, stating I have breach the Terms of Condition, without explaining specific thing.  After fighting for 2 weeks, and my case escalated to senior managerial level, I finally being reinstated again, as long as I change the country to the place that I am reciding now.  It is not fun when your ID being dissable, it means, all your updates for iOS, and MAC software can't be upgraded, combine with music and movies that I bought, it is more than $1000.  Yes, and that will affect your iCloud too.


    Luckilly, I can upgrade my software again, and being allowed to spend my remaining iTunes card balance, and downloading all the music and movies that I purchased, before I change my country setting. Thanks to Apple for that.


    I admitted that I breach the contract, but Apple should rethink the contract to allow mobile professionals that change their country a lot, to have peace of mind in purchasing Apple digital product with ONE Apple ID, as Apple itself suggesting.

  • ausairman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is why I don't buy stuff on itunes anymore. I live in Australia and can't access any of my music I bought in Germany. Starting to feel like a chump for buying music legally. Should've just pirated and sent an anonymous $5 bill to the musicians.

  • ausairman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    FYI Amazon is working on a system for sharing purchased music purchased on any amazon country account, so you can access music online regardless of where you bought it.

  • EssentialParadox Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    It shouldn't affect you with music. You should still have all that music on your computer. I moved countries and my music still all works fine, even the FairPlay songs. The only thing I can't do is re-download any of that music off iCloud if I need to, but that's a relatively new service that never existed before so it's not like anything has changed. The major issue with switching countries isn't music, it's apps and getting updates for them.


    Why does your argument just sound like a lame excuse for getting music illegally?

  • ausairman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Awesome sucker punch at the end there. I wasn't gonna bother but I'm bored so here is my response.


    First of all, it sounds like an excuse to download music illegally because it is. I don't think it's lame though. I made a conscious choice to support artists and purchase music legally, and I think it was a bad decision. Mainly because I don't think I've supported any artists and I don't think I've gotten anything for my money that I couldn't have gotten for free. As users, we are faced with 3 choices:


    1) Download music legally

    2) Download music illegally

    3) Download music dodgily (


    2 and 3 are the cheapest options. You can of course use the moral argument that artists are entitled to their share of profits, but I'll leave that out for now (we can master debate over that another day). You can also argue that you don't want to get into trouble, but getting around that is so easy that if you wanted to you could do it (besides, I don't live in the United States of getting ****** by the man).


    Option 1 only really makes sense if a) you are altruistic, which you're not, b) you're scared of getting in trouble or c) services like iTunes can offer something that piracy cannot. I don't mind paying for music, but if I were to pirate music and lose it, I could just download it again, whereas if I buy it from iTunes and happen to be in another country, I have to buy it again.


    So other than inconveniencing us, I just don't see what service is being offered if the cloud component is only available if you stay in one country. Who does that anymore anyway?

  • ausairman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That was the f-word by the way kids. Read it and weep.

  • Subs_255 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow. So what should I do ?

  • EssentialParadox Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    ausairman, I do understand your post and at one point in the past I also was in your shoes so I do agree with you. I do not wish us to take this thread off-topic so I'm going to make a few succinct points and leave it at that. I should state for context and for disclosure that I actually am one of those people who make a living off having my music on iTunes, I also run a small record label and have also released the music of several other artists.


    1) While you may not have seen or felt it, the truth is your money does go to the artist, despite the common misconceptions that it doesn't.

    2) On independent labels such as mine, the artist generally receives around 50% of the profits. In exchange the label takes on the huge risks associated with the costs of physical manufacturing and distribution (my label produced both CDs and Vinyl, and both are expensive. E.g., $3000 for 1000 vinyl), as well as the large task of promotion (have you ever wondered what's involved in researching and shipping a CD to most radio stations and DJs in the world?)

    3) The profit margin on vinyl is around 5%, on CDs about 9%. On iTunes it's 70%.

    4) Independent labels make up a third of all music sold on iTunes, and 90% of independent labels' profits come from iTunes. Not from CDs, not from concerts, and not from T-shirts. iTunes is so important to us and our artists and is by far our primary source of revenue.

    5) As much as I dislike the major labels, artists still get your money even there too. They receive a smaller share from each sale but receive huge initial advances of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the label, which offsets that in the long run.

    6) Finally, there are also a bunch of artists these days who self-publish onto iTunes. You probably aren't aware of when something you purchase is major, independent, or self-published when you buy it.


    Ultimately, both directly and indirectly, you are supporting those artists when you buy off iTunes. And at points in your music purchasing history you've most certainly supported independent artists and labels, and on behalf of them I thank you. Songs on iTunes may only cost $0.99, but that actually does go a long way.

  • Subs_255 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well guys, I called Apple iTunes' support. I asked them if the use of an american iTunes account in France was authorized without getting it terminated. And the person answered me that I could use any account of any country on any country like I want, it is not a reason to get it banned.


    So if there are people there who saw their ID terminated, I only see two reasons : the first one is an error from Apple, which really is strange. The second one is that your iPhone were jailbroken and you was using cracked applications with Installous, which justifies (to my eyes) the termination of your accounts.


    Have a nice day.

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