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Sorry folks. I'm a professional photographer & have been a Mac user for years; but I've never used Tima Machine before.


As a test, I bought a  27in iMac & ended up with the Seagate drive that needs to be replaced. Thankfully I have Apple Care for this but....


In prep I backed up using Time Machine to a brand new external drive. The tech installed the drive but said "we don't do software, you'll need to call Apple if you have problems" I did, twice. Thought I had it all worked out, all relevant files moved over and "current work" folders sitting on the desktop when I shut it down last night. Started up this morning and no folders on the desktop. They seem to be in the finder under "Places"_"Desktop(original)"


When I restored the desktop files & folders to asked if I wanted to replace or keep both desktops. I chose keep both. Did I do the wrong thing and why did all my working folders disappear back into the finder?


Is that just an image and I need to drag them from somewhere else to make them stay on my desktop?



iMac, New 1TB drive, 27in iMac lost deskt