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My daughter owns a brand new Ipod Touch 4th Generation.  Last weekend she took a great deal of photos on it, and video from a convention.


Last night connected the Ipod to her new laptop.  Itunes was not set to sync photos or video, only her music library.


When she connected the Ipod, it synched. Upon synching, it erased all her photos, except 2 she had taken that day, and erased 4 hours of video files.


There was no backup of these files on Itunes, as the Ipod and computer were both fairly brand new.


First:  Why would Itunes wipe these files when Itunes was not synched to photos or video, only music?


Second:  She is very upset that she has lost everything.  I am a computer technicaian and have been able to recover files from SD cards, hard drives, and even older Ipods, files that were deleted even up to a year ago, but this new Ipod Touch 4 is so locked down I can not recover anything at all.


Does anyone know any method the the Ipod Touch 4 can be seen as a hard drive so I can run a file restore scan on it to recover the recently deleted files?


Very disappointed that Apple has such technology that would wipe a users files just by connecting it to a computer.  The same thing happd end on my Iphone when it upgrade to IOS 6.0  - lost several days of photos and music.


I understand most people use the Cloud these days for backup, but the average teenager, or person in general is not that sophisitcated.



iPod touch (4th generation), Windows 7
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    - iOS devices like the iPod touch do not have a disk mode.

    - Have you looked in the computer's camera/photo import program since that is how you get photos and videos taken by the iPod to the computer. It is not done through iTunes. See:

    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer

    - Also, if you did sync to iTunes the first step of the sync is making a backup. However, only one copy of the backup is retained and when you connect a gain the previous backup is overwritten with the changes. Thus, make sure that you go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices and check the box that says "Prevent iPods...." to prevent overwriting the previous backup when you connect. I would try restoring from backup. See:

    iOS: How to back up

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    We had never transferred photos from this particular Ipod before, yes I am aware of how to retreive photos from Ipod using photo importing software, in fact when you connect an IPod in windows it detects the device and ask if you would like to import the photos.


    We connected it to Itunes, it began a backup, steps 1-5..


    After the backup was complete.  All the photos and videos were gone, they were no longer on the Ipod, no longer in Camera Roll, and defintely not on the computer.  Checked that there was only one single backup on the Itunes, that backup only contained 2 photos, no video or anything else.


    The only backup we have ever done it was a new Ipod, new computer.

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    Recover files from iPod Touch | Restore data iPod | iPod touch undelete, unformat

    iPhone Recovery Stick - recover deleted text messages & more


    My guess is that you connected the iPod to other than your syncing computer. In that case the iPod gets erased and its contest replaced with what is in iTunes on that computer.


    When you looked at the date of the iPod backup in iTunes does it correspond to when you first connected the iPod to that computer?

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    I am not sure if people are reading what I wrote wrong or misunderstanding it.


    The computer is new.  The Ipod is new.


    This is the first time EVER the ipod has been synched with ANY computer let alone this one.


    The ipod only had a few songs, games that were downloaded right off the Itunes store.


    The photos / videos were taken recently and for the very first time we connected it to a fresh install of Itunes so that we could download the photos and videos to the computer.  It backed up the Ipod.  The backup date was the same date as the time the files were wiped.


    The photos and videos were wiped from the device.  Itunes was not set to synch photos and video, It should not have wiped anything.


    The answer I need is anyone aware of software that can access the Ipod and rebuild the deleted items.  This can easily be done on Windows based and Android based software and hardware.  Why such a flaw in apples software?  Also the Ipod touch 1, 2nd and 3rd generations did have a disc mode, I owned all three of those Ipods. The Ipod Touch 4 appears to no longer have disc mode.


    Technically I guess my daughter has lost everything.  Thanks apple!

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    The iCare recovery software does not detect Ipod Touch 4th gen as a disk drive.  Although their site claims Ipod Touch is recoverable, this only works on earlier generations that had a disc mode.

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    Another note:  The missing data still appears to be on the Ipod on some form.  In Itunes its shows 2.5 gig of space being used as "Other"  but its unable to tell us what those other files are, the music and apps still appear the same.  The 2.5 gig is the size of what "Video" said before the sync.  So perhaps the sync process corrupted somehow.

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    Solved my own question..


    I was able to mount the Ipod 4 as a Disk Drive using iExplorer software.


    I then used standard FAT32 Disc Recovery software to scan the entire contents of the internal drive for deleted data.  Nothing found.  This is due to the Ipod Touch 4th generation using Flash Drive technology, once its gone, its gone.  Flashed off the device like ROM / RAM, instead of leaving a ghost image behind like stanard disc drives.


    Lesson learned.  Do not use Itunes, until they have some type of software change in which synching does not wipe your device, never had this trouble on a Zune or Sony mp3 player.

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    Well, you might still have chances to recover the deleted iPod touch photos or videos. Not from iPod or iTunes, just from your Mac machine. It just depends on when your deletion happens, before or after your most recent sync? If this happened after that, then probably you could rely on this data recovery program to get the lost photos back.


    Recover Deleted Files Directly from iOS
    • Step 1: Run iPhone File Recovery software, then connect your Apple device to computer, Select the device option in the window according to your device and you'll get the window below (here take iPhone 4 for an example). 

    • Step 2:Enter device system and scan your device
    Choose "Recover from iOS devices" and you're going to enter device system according to the steps shown in the window as follow.

    • Step 3: Preview and recover deleted files from iPod touch 4, iPhone 5/4/3GS or iPad 1


    Read more : http://www.video-converter-mac.org/recover-deleted-ipod-file-on-mac/



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    I know its been a long time, but for anyone STILL having this problem, The ONLY that I have found is THIS..


    The "OTHER" files that are in the iTunes database Are Exactly what you said,,,Those are your pictures... iTunes had trouble reading that section and it just renamed it...


    1) Now even if you never did a backup before, Do One Now...

    2) The Bckup file automatically goes here...C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    3) Download & Install http://www.any-data-recovery.com/purchase/index.htm..


    When you start up this software, its gonna look at all your apple backups & Gathers All Youe Pictures & Docs for you.. You just pick what you need...


    Steve T