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Is there a way to keep iWeb from resaving graphics when I publish to my FTP space? I get jpg files that look different from the preview in iWeb. I have been going to my ftp space and uploading/replacing with the original file but that is tedious.

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    Can you provide us with an example of what the orignal image looks like as well as the  uploaded image. How do the images differ.  What version of  iWeb and system are you running.


    Do you have iWeb's preferences set to optimize images on import?





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    You can upload the images to the server and reference them in some code in an HTML Snippet...



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    Here's what it looks like in iWeb (below)




    Here's what it looks like when I publish it and open the page in Safari (below)




    This is what it looks like when I take the original image (same one placed in iWeb) and replace the one that was uploaded by iWeb. (below)




    I'm running Mac OS 10.6.8

    iWeb 3.0.4

    I do have the optimize on import checked. I unchecked it, closed iWeb, reopened. I brought in another header file and published it. It still looked faded like in the 2nd picture above.


    Here's the webpage:


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    The header is the main offending file because it is so obvious. HTML Snippets for every graphic on my site kind of takes the WYSIWYG out of iWeb. I really need a solution that will help all of my graphics.


    The original header file has a modified date of: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 8:41 AM

    The file on my FTP site has a modified date of: Today 5:36 PM (the time I uploaded to the FTP site). I downloaded it back to my hard drive and the time/date stamp stayed at Today 5:36 PM so I know it's happening during upload.

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    Any way you can create a transparent background header, png or gif format, with the other items showning so the background image can be used for the header background?  It would require a 3rd party image editor that supports layers or Pages from iWork but might do the trick if you can find out how to fixe the discrepancey 


    Here's a real, quick, crude attempt at what I'm referring to:


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    So this is your page :




    Well, the problem could be that the background is a gif  and the header is a jpg.


    Different number of colours.






    Use a jpg as background.

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    File format doesn't matter because if I take the original file and replace the one on my FTP space that iWeb uploaded then all is fine. Something is happening from the time the file gets drag-n-dropped into iWeb through publishing to my FTP space. I think it is the publishing. It is recreating every file. I opened a window of the "fixed" published webpage and did [cmd +] until it was as big as it could go. Then I published the website to a folder on the desktop and opened the same page in another Safari window and blew it up using [cmd +]. I then took a screen shot of them side by side. It is obvious that there are artifacts showing up on the left window which is the one that iWeb published. The image on the right is the original file that I dropped onto my webspace (replacing the one iWeb uploaded.)


    Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 9.45.27 PM.png



    if this image isn't showing it I uploaded it and you can veiw it here.



    It's hard for me to believe that this image alteration is something that nobody has ever noticed.


    Maybe I'll check into what file type I can import into iWeb. if I can import a lossles tiff then maybe the color won't change when it gets converted by iWeb. I don't know. I just know that as you can see above, these types of color changes are unacceptable.


    Any help is appreciated.