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i'm at a loss,  I have an iBook G4 that seems to not like my replacement battery.  Is there a battery charging program that will read the status of the battery? Although I have tried to calibrate the battery, it seems to not charge.  The battery charger ring is amber, and when I look at the system profiler, it says the battery is not charging, and never goes to green.  When I place my original battery in, it will show charging status, and after 10 minutes the charging ring will go from amber to green and never get more than 6 percent charging at a time. When I remove the battery from the notebook, it cycles the charging system to charge, then quit.  I have replaced the battery charger but that seems to not help.  Have I got two dud batteries?  The system profiler says the batteries are good as well.  Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.



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    Do you have someone you can borrow another battery from and try that? I seem to remember a charging program awhile that did deep reconditioning of batterries. I believe they do exist.

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    When the charger ring is amber this indicates its charging the battery. If you look at the top right battery meter, does it say its not charging and show or show an X?


    Is this an original Apple replacement battery of a third party? Some third party batteries made in China are not very good replacements. I've known them to be dud.

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    here's what happens..

    when I remove the battery, the ring goes immediately to green, and the battery indicator shows an X.  Then when I put the battery back in, the charge indicator ring goes amber, and stays that way for a while. When I check the system profiler/power line, the info says the battery is good, and is charging, but the battery indicator does not show charging but (not charging).  after a few min, the indicator will say charging.  When I put my original battery back in, it shows charging, but the battery does not seem to be doing a thing...I don't mind being plugged in, but I do ocassionally want to be without he charge adapter plugged in.  I'm just not sure about the charging system cause I have a new charge adapter, and both batteries show good and not replace.  When I try to calibrate the battery, it goes to about 12% and then never charges back up.

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    I do not have a battery I can use to troubleshoot this.   I just think that three months is a bit short for battery life...

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    knuckles...the battery will show not charging, but have an amber ring...then it will show charge.  it cycles on and off for a while...but never charges.  I have two battery charge cables one has the amber ring, the other does not...in either case, neither battery seems to charge at all.  the battery indicator will show an x when I pull the battery out, then will go to charge when I put the battery back in the laptop. 

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    It can only be one of two thing. 1. The battery is faulty and hence the reason for it not charging  2. Their is a problem with the DC in-board or charging circuit.


    The only real why to test the charging circuit or DC in-board is by using another known working battery.

    If someone was to give me a PowerBook with the same fault as yours to fix, I would first reset the PMU  and then try testing the PowerBook's battery with one I know is fine. If all test fail, then it has to be a problem with the PowerBook's circuit board, either the charging circuit or DC in-board.


    Three months is bad for a replacement battery, however this is influence by the brand of battery and the overall quality. Personally I tend to stick to Apple original or 2Power brands.