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I have a Thunderbolt Display that works fine.  However - i just got a WD 2tb Firewire 800 external drive.  I plugged it into the Thunderbolt display and it is not recognized.  No matter what i do.  If i unplug it from back of display and plug directly into Laptop - it sees it fine.


Fairly new to Mac's so am i missing something?  A setting or something?? Thanks for any help.



FYI - laptop is MacBook Pro from 2011 running latest OS.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    No, you're not missing anything... it should just work. I have four FW800 drives daisy-chained to my Thunderbolt Display - and they just work. I'm on a 15" late 2011 MBP running 10.8.2 as well.


    Something's up - either with your Display, your TB connection or the drive. I suspect the Display or the drive. Is your Display still under warranty? Even if it's not, I would first try it out with a different FW drive (Western Digital is notorious for just not working with Macs) or, if that doesn't work, take the whole unit into your local Apple Store or AASP.



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    I was afraid of that.  Like i said - it works fine when i unplug from Display and plug right into Laptop.  It pops up within 2-3 seconds.  Sounds to me like it may be the Display Firewire port.  Unfortunatly i dont have anything else Firewire 800 to test it with.  I will pull receipt this weekend and see if still under warranty.  I think it is.


    Thanks for the response.