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I have Aperture 3.4.2 (most updated version I could find).  Now when I look to make a movie or dvd with my photos.  I can not find any of my recent photos in imovie or idvd via their respective media browsers.  Aperture and iphoto are both working fine and great (ie: I can adjust my photos accordingly and print them out).  I was able to successfully make both an imovie and then burn it on idvd (added photos to the idvd screens via media browers too), last week. 


The only thing I can think that is different with my computer is that I upgraded my iphone from iphone4 to iphone5. 


This is what I have looked into already:


Aperture>Preferences>Preview is set to share and set to always>photo preview set to Don't limit    (no change)


Tried alt+cmd when opening Aperture and reset Aperture (as well with iphoto).  (no change)


Itunes>Advanced>choose photos to share> then a window pops up stating Aperture could not be found open Preferences in Aperture (My first step already proved that it should be fine)


My question is why all of a sudden is Aperture and most of my iphone photos not showing up in imovie or idvd all of a sudden?  Does the recent Iphone5 updgrade have anything to do with it?


Any help would be great since I have been looking all over the web for an answer with no success.


Thanks in advance for your help.



macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)