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Hi and thanks for all that could be a help for me.


I have a 2ng generation shuffle that have been  turned off for more that a year and a half. I had a bad thing with it (it was to my wash machine) but it worked for a couple of weeks.

Then i bought a new mp3 and i "forgot this" but now i need this one again.

So my issues are:
     -Shuffle isn't recognized by my laptop (everytime i plug it in, for a second, a orange light is on and then it disapear and i get a message from windows saying that the usb device isn't recognized).

     -If i plug the ipod on my tv (Samsung with usb ports) it is charged normaly and i can listenthe files that i have there.    

     -When i star the ipod after charging on tv (not fukk charged) i can't use the play, next and previous buttons and not sure if random playlist is working good. The power buttons is working good.


After this i think that the fact that it was in the washing machine isn't affect the ipod because i can use one button and turn it on and off and see the files in there (on tv).
Is there anyono who can help me?! I really need this little peace of heaven!



iPod shuffle, Shuffle 2nd generation