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I have a folder that I use as a dumping ground. A temp folder. I put downloaded materials there temporarily and clean it out periodically. When I first configured Time Machine, I forgot to exclude this folder from the backups (that's been done now). So now I'd like to go back into my Time Machine backups and remove the junk. It's eating up a lot of space.


I enter Time Machine, navigate to my temp folder and select it. From the gear icon, I choose Delete all backups of "Temp". Time machine gives me the following message:


Are you sure you want to permanently

remove all backups of the selected items?


You can't undo this action.


I click OK and then nothing happens. I exit Time Machine and go back in later, the Temp folder is still there.


I know I was able to do this before. This is a fairly recnt clean installation of Mountain Lion.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 15" high-res display, 8GB RAM, i7