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Hi all,


Two issues.  Mostly, I would like to be able to get back my "iTunes Album Artwork" screensaver back.  It had worked for a long time, but I've lost it recently and can't get it back.  I've tried various ways to "re-connect" (option-click on iTunes, re-select iTunes folder in Music folder), but no go.  It's not very important, but I'd like to get it back.


Second, and maybe it's related, when I noodle around on the screensaver preferences, the "Shell" screensaver also doesn't work.  (Not that I like it, but maybe this is a clue.)  Nothing shows up on that screensaver, and when I click on it and hit "Preview," I get a black screen.  And then if I move the cursor at all, it jumps out of that black screen back to where I was (instead of allowing me to cursor down to the lower-right corner for the "exit" button, if you know what I mean).


Again, not super-important, but I miss my iTunes sreensaver.  Any and all suggestions much appreciated.  MacBook Pro 2010, Mountain Lion.  Thanks.

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