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What gives? I am typing along happily and all of a sudden I see that I am constrained by this box and I can no longer see what I am typing. How can I get rid of this box or perhaps expand it so that it fills out the page?


Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 8.51.04 AM.png





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    Hi John,


    Which type of template did you use to create this document? The title bar will include the document type, as shown in one of the two images below:

    Picture 14.png

    I'm guessing, because your text is in a text box, that you are using a Page Layout template as the base for your document.


    Your text is in a text box; the small box with a + sign at the bottom is an overflow indicator, showing there is more text in the box than can be displayed. The box can be resized in the same manner as any object:

    • Click on the document somewhere outside the text box, then click on the box/text to select the box. You will see small handles (squares) at the corners of the box to indicate it is selected.
    • Click and hold on one of the handles and drag it to resize the box.
    • Click and hold elsewhere on the box and drag to move the box.


    I am wondering why this text has been placed in a text box. If the document is primarily text,and especially if the text is more than a single page long, a better choice might be to use the text layer in a Pages Word Processing document.


    You can learn more about the types of Pages documents, and the purposes for which each is more useful in the Pages '09 User Guide. The guide may be downloaded via the Help menu in Pages '09.




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    Hello Barry,


    The Pages document was created by selecting the portrait mode of the two choices below.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 9.18.47 AM.png


    I know what a text box is and I am not dealing with a text box here. You will notice from the diagram that this is not a Page Layout document. It is a blank Word Processing document and unfortunately, your suggestions do not apply here or at least do not work for me. True, I do have the small + sign at the bottom of the box but clicking outside the box does not give me handles to drag on to make the box longer, thereby exposing the hidden text. So I am stuck with a Word Processing document with a box filled with text. I have more typing to do but the box will not expand to allow me to see the additional lines that I wish to type. Frustrating! Why is there a box at all? Why do I not have the entire page available for me to type in?





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    It sounds like you have pasted text from the Internet and have copied the table divison that it was in.


    You have it currently inline in the text. Usually it is resizable but you need to drag on the bottom right corner.


    To clean it up and see the problem:


    Menu > View > Show Layout


    Click inside the box text go command a and Cut out the the text. The box should shrink and you can command click on its edge and delete it. Then paste the text back into the regular text area.



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    It could also be that you have been writing in the Header field. Select all text and cut it and paste it in the main text field.

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    Thanks very much for your responses and setting me on the right track.





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    You are welcome!