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I've been working on a very long document (a book manuscript) for a few weeks now using Pages (OS Mountain Lion).  I had all my Styles set up like I wanted - including the fonts, font sizes, paragraph spacing, etc.  Well, for some reason, today when I started working on the document, the styles aren't working right!  Here's what's happening...


I'd been working on this document by copying and pasting from a Word document in order to format this book for the author I'm working for.  She had set the original document using Palatino font.  For the new document, I have Minion Pro assigned to both the Normal style and the Body Text First Indent style.  Up until now, I would copy and paste from the Word doc into the Pages doc and then triple-click each paragraph and then click on the Style to assign to that paragraph - which would then changing everything necessary to match the formatting of the new document (the font would change from Palatino 12 to Minion Pro 11, etc.).


Today, when I tried to continue working in this manner, when I click on the Style to assign to the paragraph, it doesn't change the font but leaves it at Palatino and at size 12.  I have tried to "edit" the Styles to make them update again - thinking they'd somehow lost the original specs I'd assigned to them - but it doesn't change anything.  I really need this to work again!!  Not sure what would have changed it to cause this problem. I can't finish out this book having to manually change the font and font size for every paragraph!  That defeats the whole point of using styles, right?!


Any help would be greatly appreciated...!!

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    1. You don't have to select all of the text in a paragraph to apply a style to it, just some of it, one character will do. Just drag the cursor over some.


    2. You can select multiple samples of text in multiple unconnected paragraphs using the command key and apply a style to all of them


    3. You should Paste and Match Style text if you want to apply styles the way you are doing it


    4. You can import styles from other Pages documents and Word .docs so they match up.


    5. To force a style onto text that has another style select the text and double click on the paragraph style in the Styles drawer



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    Thanks so much for the help, Peter!  I really appreciate it...


    Ok, I did figure out that it was a hard-coded "+ Palatino + 12 pt." that had been set in the Word document that was causing the problem when pasting into Pages.  Fortunately, it seems this only happened for 2 chapters and then it goes back to how it was working before...


    But anyway - just curious about both the Paste and Match Style and the style "forcing" you mentioned.  When I try either method, it also eliminates all the words that were in bold or italics - and I need it to KEEP those intact(!) - is there some way to do this?  Apply the new style - but have it NOT change the bold and italic to "regular" - ?

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    Paste and Match style and Forcing a style onto imported text both do what they say which is make the text strictly comply with the specified style. The exceptions within the normal paragraph style need to be set with Character Styles, something you rarely see from Word users.


    To retain styles in imported text you need to set the specification in Pages using the exact same name as in Word. The normal method is to import the styles from Word so the names match and then to change its specification in Pages. You can tidy up the Word standards of Normal etc by mapping them to Page's Body etc or by deleting the Normal style in the Styles Drawer and "replace" it with the one you want to keep.


    The complication in my experience is that the author of the original Word document has usually been inconsistent or neglected the use of the Word styles in the original document. Designers have long learnt to "clean" the text supplied and reapply formatting consistently. It is a very rare client who gets their work in a usable form for publication and we really love it when they do.



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    Thanks so much for the help!