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How is it possible to find, mark and move all events in iCal 5 from one calendar to another?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    First backup your Calendars by using iCal>File>Export>Export iCal Archive..., and save the file in an appropriate location. Next click on the Calendars button and then the calendar that you want to move the events from, choose iCal>File>Export>Export...and save the file to your Desktop.


    Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at  Apr 13, 2012 14.05.02 .png


    Then double-click the .ics file on your Desktop, and you will be presented with an "Add events" window. Now, choose the calendar that you wish to import the events into, and click OK.

    Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at  Apr 13, 2012 14.12.28 .png


    After the events are imported, you can click on the calendar that you exported from by using iCal>Edit>Delete.


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    thank you for yor help.


    I have tried the way you described, but all new imported/created events are dissapearing immedeately from iCal. - I am using the iCloud.


    Is there also a way to find all events with eg. "Meeting" and move them all in once to another calendar?

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    hubato wrote:


    I have tried the way you described, but all new imported/created events are dissapearing immedeately from iCal. - I am using the iCloud.

    It's difficult to see why this is happening. The usual reason for this sort of behaviour is when someone deletes events from an iCloud calendar and then tries to restore them from a backup - they get deleted again promptly in that event.


    Are these events ones which were originally in the destination calendar and are being restored from elsewhere? or just event which were only in the originating calendar?

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    This helped meRe: How to move all events of a calendar to another


    Dec 4, 2009 10:59 AM (in response to MacLars)




    Welcome to Apple Discussions.


    Before you do anything use iCal>File>Export...>iCal Archive... to save a copy of your data to the Desktop.



    1. Use iCal>File>Export...>Export... for "Calendar," and save the "Calendar.ics" file on the Desktop.

    2. Delete "Calendar" from the iCal sources pane using iCal>Edit>Delete. Quit/Restart iCal.

    3. Add "Calendar.ics" by using iCal>File>Import...>Import..and click on "Calendar.ics." Click on "Import."

    4. The "Add events" window will appear.

    5. Choose the "Home" calendar from the drop down menu in the "Add events" window.


    If you are not satisfied with the results you can always use iCal>File>Import...>Import... on the iCal.icbu file which you created and saved to the Desktop.



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    Forgot to mention, I'm using apples Calendar 6 (I didn't realize it was not being called iCal any more).

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    This works ONLY if you are using ONE calendar (that you are calling "Calendar." What if you have many? I have several (Travel, Personal, Family, etc.) that I want to make just ONE. (They call them separate calendars but I've been using them as categories.)

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    Alright. If you do a find before moving the events as Hubato said, Calendar will NOT only move the found events. It will move them all and duplicate them. Making an unholy mess. You then get stuck in an alert loop that is impossible to get out of.

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    Thank you very much!