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Hey all,


I currently have the early 2008 Unibody MBP. Technically it's the 5,1 2.4 GHZ model. Apple gave it to me as a replacement for my mid 2007 MBP that had problems with the GPU (8600M). They told me that they were able to make the replacement available because I had purchased Applecare. All of this took place in January of 2009. When they gave me the unibody as a replacement I was told that if i wanted Applecare on the new unit that I would have to repurchase it. I did so.


Within the first two months of owning the new Unibody the internal fans died and needed to be replaced, the right speaker was DOA, and the optical drive started eating disks. All of these issues were fixed via Applecare. In Jan of 2011 the battery started to bulge in the middle. It was so bad that it high centered the machine on my desk and allowed it to roll either left or right. I took it to my local Apple Store and the battery was replaced via Applecare. I love AppleCare!


Fast forward to March of 2011. I started experiencing horizontal line flickering issues with the screen. Based on my experience with the mid 2007 MBP I took the machine into the Applestore right away. After two days of testing they diagnosed the issue as a faulty logic board. They ordered a replacement and after a week i had my machine back home and running. Thank you Applecare.


Fast forward to October of 2011. I started noticing the horizontal flickering again. I knew I was going to be moving states soon so I wasn't in a hurry to drop off my machine at the Apple store for further diagnosis. I am now fully moved and settled in. I took my MBP to the Apple Store yesterday for the same flickering issue as before. They ran the diagnostic tools and nothing showed as wrong with it. They asked if i could leave the machine over night for further testing and issue replication. I let them keep it overnight. I got a voicemail today saying that they have diagnosed the problem as a faulty logic board. They have ordered another replacement. It will be covered via Applecare.


The original logic board went bad, the first replacement went bad and now they want to put in a third. My problem is that my Applecare expires sometime mid January 2012. Should I be asking for an extension to the repairs on the machine, perhaps an extension to Applecare or even a replacement machine? Based on my experiences I am skeptical that it won't die after my waranty expires. This machine has been nothing but problems since day one and I'm just not sure what to do.


I'm looking for advice and or suggestions.





MBP 2.4 Unibody 15 Inch, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    prode69 wrote:


    The original logic board went bad, the first replacement went bad and now they want to put in a third. My problem is that my Applecare expires sometime mid January 2012. Should I be asking for an extension to the repairs on the machine, perhaps an extension to Applecare or even a replacement machine?


    I would ask for a replacement. They want to put in a 3rd logic board.  No way.  In my opinion you should be entitled to a replacement, maybe not a brand new mac, but a refurbished one anyway.  Call AppleCare and tell them this exact story.  Be calm and polite and tell them how much this has inconvenienced you.  Time you have had to take to get the repairs done.  Escalate is to a senior rep at Apple Care if necessary.  If all else fails, call Apple Customer Relations and tell them: 1-800-676-2775.

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    Thanks for your comment. It makes me feel like my logic isn't too far off.


    I just got off the phone with the Apple Store here in Utah. I called as a follow up to their voicemail to express concern about putting a third logic board in my machine as a fix to the current issue. I asked if they would be willing to extend my Applecare warranty period and was told that wasn't an option per accessibility of parts in years to come. I explained that my Applecare ends January 9th and that I was concerned of this happening again out of warranty. I was told that the logic board carries a 90 day warranty and that the Utah Apple Stores pride themselves on working with customers if there is an issue inside or outside of that 90 day period. Regardless of that fact they genuinely believe that this is just bad luck and that this replacement will fix the issue.


    At this point I explained that while I understand where they are coming from I am still skeptical of this repair and that I have reason to be given my history. I asked frankly if they would consider doing the same thing they did before and replacing my MBP with a newer one. I listed all the parts they've replaced and said that this has been nothing but trouble from day one and that's not even taking into consideration that this was a replacement for the last machine that had nothing but issues. They explained that they considered the replacement option but that my repairs hadn't hit a value threshold to warrant it. The speakers, the fans, the optical drive and the battery are low cost items for Apple compared to replacing the screen, the logic board and the hard drive. They made it clear that component cost to them isn't the only thing they look at but that they also look at consumer loyalty, Applecare purchases, other computer purchases and what Apple has done in the past for that consumer. They basically said that because the costs to them haven't been high enough yet, that because this computer was effectively paid for in late 2007 and that the replacement was no cost to me (except for Applecare), they won't use the replacement option yet.


    I started to get really irked on the call because since I purchased the original MBP (Mid 2007 model) that had issues, I've also purchased a Macbook Air, an iphone 4, a time capsule, and a ton of accessories. The intangible value that I've offered as a customer includes talking my Mom and a friend into (and helping them) purchase Macbook Pro's. Ohh and my little sister has one wrapped under the Christmas tree right now.


    We left the conversation in such a way that they will do the repairs and the logicboard will be covered via Applecare until it expires, followed by what remains of the 90day warranty. All with the promise that if something happens outside the warranty period that they will work with me, in terms of "discounted parts" or replacement parts to get me taken care of. They made it clear however that while they are really good to loyal customers that they can't make any promises. 


    I am really not a happy (Loyal Apple) camper.  Any additional suggestions or help at this point would be fantastic.





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    found this thread posting something similar on my mid-2009 MBP but you have waaa-aaay more documentation on your issue than i have.


    i have to say that i bought the first mac laptop, had 3 (total) issues that required repair within the first year and they sent me a new laptop no questions asked. i had to move to PC since then but they earned a customer for life (at the time).


    my mid-2009 MacBookPro is not such a happy experience in terms of customer care or genius bar technical assistance and i am absolutely flabbergasted at running across this thread and the problems it documents. i will remain sort of shocked if there was not a better resolution to it.


    that said, i /did/ just about an hour ago finally get someone at apple to confirm for me verbally that i should in fact be getting more than 1 1/2 hours of battery life running safari on my MBP.


    victory is mine!