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I installed windows 7 x64 on my MBP 15" retina with bootcamp, and the installation went fine but after the installation when it said " prepairing your desktop" it just restarted and went into boot loop, so I had to boot into mac OSX and make it primary boot. This have happend 3 times, and I've recreated the ISO image on the USB and I've deleted windows 7 and the partition and I have done the whole process over again (3 times) and it still does not work. Sometimes I get into windows 7 the first time and can move around the desktop with the mouse for about 5 seconds, then it says "logging out" and I'm back at the same problem.


What can I do?


Best regards,


Jack Hellberg.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hi Jack.....i have a question regarding your problem  did u d/l and save the microsoft files from when u was installing bootcamp u can save them to mem stick or a disc CD-R u need to save these files and then once u have installed bootcamp u need to install the microsoft files/drivers etc .....if u dont do this althou bootcamp appears to work fine it Wont reboot once u try to start mac again from a shutdown because the system files require those drivers and files to boot to reconise its loading windows.....as you install bootcamp you have the chance to download these files and save then to disc or mem stick........check out this video and install as you are shown....hope this helps u out...good luck...     copy & paste this into your browser .. and watch all video....



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    Thanks, but I can't watch that movie "the video is not avalible" "we appologize". All I did was - Get the Windows 7 Iso file. Put in a 8GB fat 32 mem stick. Open up bootcamp assistent. Followed the tutorial. Created an Windows 7 boot USB ( I guess, it took a while) then it restarted and I was in the installation of windows 7. When I was done, it rebooted and never booted into windows 7 again, even if I press option key and try to access windows 7.




    Am I doing anything wrong? if that's the case, maybe you could link me another clip?


    Best regards, Jack Hellberg.

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    Hi Jack.........ok ive managed to create a link to that video on how to install bootcamp.....this is the tutorial i used and i managed to gain 100% completion on bootcamp 1st time no messing......like i said in my previous reply did you save the windows support files from apple....(Critical).....ok no point in messing about i suggest you start again from scratch........these are the things i used and YOU will need to complete bootcamp

    mem stick or cd-r / dvd-r......original copy disc of win 7 ...i never used an iso i used original disc....allow a minimum of 30gb of space for your win 7 partition.....if you want bootcamp so you can use big programs like windows based games i.e.....Crysis/Call of duty etc etc ..then you will need to consider that  you will need to allow a bigger partition to allow your HD to store the files.....this is the reason i installed bootcamp and so i made my partition    i have a 750GB HD so i made a partition of 300gb for windows 7 and left the other 450gb for Mac....so you need to partition enough for what you want bootcamp for remember once you get bootcamp working you will need to install ALL Important Windows updates Including Win 7 SP1......once everything is installed you will have bootcamp up and running lovely.....u can then boot up with either win7 or mac......click this link and watch carefully and do exactly as shown ok and you should be fine...if you have any probs contact me again ok.....let me know how you get on ok..:)...http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=QFIWtXTl4d0&NR=1