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Planning to create a PowerPoint (in Office 2011 for Mac) on my Air with Mountain Lion. It is necessary that I use PP (and not Keynote, which I also have).

I have already created an iMovie file with the mp4 file type. It has visuals and audio sound-effects.

Before creating the final PP presentation, I can imagine that I may have to convert the iMovie film file to a file type that I can embed into this PP presentation, so that it can be sent to and reviewed in advance by a PC user (i.e. I will want to embed this film into a PP presentation, and the PC user will have to be able to see the controls on that slide). If this is so, can you tell me (1) what the PC-oriented file type should/might be, and (2) is there a converter that integrates well with Mountain Lion? A related question would be, can a PP presentation from 'Office for Mac' even use and embed this file type?

MacBook Air, iOS 5.0.1
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    I have exported iMovie files as H.264, AAC and embedded them in PowerPoint presentations and run them on PCs.

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    Many thanks for this response. This is good to know. The iMovie file I want to use is in the mp4 format, and I imagine that it has to be converted to one that you suggest, so that a PC user can directly watch and control the movie in a PP presentation. If this is so, I have looked at a number of possible converters for files on an Air, and wonder if one will convert as you suggest, and is also 'compatible' with Mountain Lion?

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    When I did my first project several years ago I assumed that QuickTime would be a good choice but discovered that IT didn't install QT on the PCs at work. Then I tried choosing the Export Movie option. Seeing that it listed compatibility with YouTube I figured it was worth a shot. It exports an m4v file which worked fine.