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We have a small office running both macs and windows 7 on macs in bootcamp.

Currently we have 1 "master computer" which is a mac that stores all the data formatted in mac os extended (journaled). But we are always having rights issues with that and if that users machine is off, or having network problems we loose access.

The proposal is to get a new router with USB port and have a networked disk on where all the shared files are stored. The question is, what should the disk be formatted to?


As I have said the mac machines run bootcamp with 1 employee perminantly on windows 7. His hard drive is NTSC. As a side note I don't understand How can he open the networked shared files from the master mac!?

Ideally we want to search the folder for its contents from both mac and PC and I think this won't be possible if it is FAT32 formatted.


1 machine is the master mac

another is runs both mac and boot camp occasionaly.

3rd machine runs bootcamp constantly.

all macs are Lion 10.7.5

all bootcamp is windows 7.

we are in the uk

router is also our internet connection

we don't want an expensive server if we can help it.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)