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I just started using the Apple Podcast app this pas weekend - found several interesting Podcasts and subscribed to them. 


I clicked on some of the Podcasts to have downloaded to the phone....  Checking to make sure I had the Podcast app configured not to use Cellular Data, I figured I was ok...


But later that day, I got a message from AT&T that I am approching my data limit - and I see that the Apple Podcast app had downloaded 2.3G of podcasts over 3G!


So, what exactly does turning off "Use Cellular Data" actually do?

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    Be very careful with this app, I've exceeded my monthly usage highly likely due to this app still downloading on cellular when in fact I clearly set it to only download over WiFi, very annoying Apple didn't test this enough before releasing it to the public. There are numerous mentions about this app causing data plan drainages, Google it.

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    I believe the latest update that came out a day or 2 ago corrects this problem.