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I upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS6 even before thinking about purchasing this adapter.  Later I decided to purchase it, and did so just as iOS 6.0.1 was being released.  To my surprise, this adapter still does not work with my iPhone 4S and iOS 6.0.1.  The adapter does work with my 1st gen iPad and even my wife's iPhone 4S that still has iOS 5.1.1.  I have a great deal of content on my phone that I would like to see on my large flat screen TV, however due to iOS 6 I'm not able to do so.  To be honest I am quite disappointed and somewhat frustrated.

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    Why does it not work? 

    Any errors?

    Any issues with plugging other adaptors or sync cables into the device?

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    It does not work because of iOS 6.  As indicated, my wife owns an identical iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1 and it works perfectly fine with the adapter.  As far as symptoms, there is no sound or picture produced through the TV, and at times when I connect the adapter my iPhone says "This accessory is not supported by iPhone".  I can plug my iPhone with the supplied USB cable and charge it or connect it to a PC or Mac with no difficulty at all.  I wish that I knew all of this prior to upgrading to iOS 6, otherwise I absolutely would not have done so.  I wish I were able to easily downgrade back to iOS 5.1.1, however it appears that practice is not supported by Apple, nor is it something that is easy to do.

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    Nothing stated indicates this is an iOS 6 issue.  While based on the statements it is very likely, the only way to verify is to try on another device running iOS6.


    Also, if the "accessory is not supported by iPhone" message is displaying, this can indicate a dirty or damaged dock connector.


    Is the adaptor actually listed as "Made for iPhone" or simply "Works with iPhone"?

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    The device is manufactured by Apple.  On the device it has a part number of A1422.  On the white box with the Apple logo it says "Digital AV Adapter" and has a part number of MD098ZM/A.  Considering my statements indicating that the adapter does work with other Apple devices (even another iPhone 4S) running an earlier version of iOS, and that my iPhone does work with other cables plugged into the same dock, I can almost certainly pinpoint the root cause to the iOS version.  I was told this first-hand by speaking with an Apple rep who verified that iOS 6 caused this specific adapter to stop functioning.  If you'll perform a Google search with this adapter and iOS 6, hundreds of results will be produced.  There are many others that are experiencing the exact same issue.  Like I said, I thought surely that iOS 6.0.1 would resolve the issue, however I thought wrong.

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    Makes sense that it would be iOS 6 actually. Apple is pushing for everything to go over AirPlay, with new iPhone 5s using that exclusively for any kind of video output. Given the number of "features" that were released with v6, it may be a good idea to save your blobs prior to any future iOS update. http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/05/25/save-your-shsh-blobs-5-1-1

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    diesel vdub--I hope you'll forgive me but now I'm not 100% sure that iOS 6 is causing the issue on my iPhone 4S.  My cousin was visiting last night, who also has an iPhone 4S, which is identical to mine.  He also performed the iOS 6 upgrade and later performed the iOS 6.0.1 update when it was available.  When I plugged his phone into this Digital AV Adapter, I was quite surprised to discover that his works!  I'm now under the impression as you indicated yesterday that I could have a dirty or damaged dock connector.  I tried cleaning it, but to no avail.  I think I'm going to call Apple and explain the situation to see about getting a replacement.  I think my phone is still under warranty for another week or so (I need to do it ASAP).  On another note, would you recommend Apple TV over the Digital AV Adapter?  I'm in the process of setting up a NAS on which I'm going to store videos and music (it acts as a DNLA-compliant iTunes server).  I know with the Digital AV Adapter I can stream content to my iPhone, which then plays through my TV and home theater.  I've read that Apple TV, however, cannot stream content from a NAS, and that the content has to be in the cloud.  I'm not sure if I could stream from my NAS to my iPhone and then to the Apple TV or not.  I might be able to, but it would most likely consume a large amount of bandwidth.  Regardless, I still want to see about swapping out the phone if the dock connector is damaged.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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    See comment above (I had meant to reply in response to your earlier message)...

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    That's good news! If your cable method is working OK with TV you could always stick with that. You are right that ATV out of the box cannot stream from NAS, but if you don't mind 720p and you can find an older v2 model, you can jailbreak it and open up a pretty amazing world of multimedia options through XBMC, NaviX, and other add-ons (this includes streaming from your NAS).

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    Thanks for the info Clif!  I did make a call to Apple this evening and after speaking with a tech and then later speaking with a senior-level tech (who was friendly and quite helpful), they agreed that my phone's 30-pin dock connector seemed to have some sort of hardware failure.  In fact, as I was speaking on the phone with him and performing some troubleshooting techniques, I was actually able to get a signal from my phone to my TV via the Digital AV Adapter--but only as long as I had the connector partially connected into my phone's 30-pin dock.  Once I pushed it in all the way, the picture was gone.  Since the nearest Apple store is almost 2 hours away, they are overnighting me a replacement iPhone 4S.  I'm pretty confident that will resolve the issue.  On a related note, I am so glad I called tonight, since the 1-year hardware warranty on my phone expires the day after tomorrow.

    On another note, I would consider a 2nd-gen ATV (I do remember seeing some posts about jailbreaking it), except that I'm connecting to a 50-inch plasma, and I can see a difference between the 720p and 1080p.  On the flipside, though, it would be nice to stream directly to it.  I might consider that later (unless someone comes out with a jailbreak for the 3rd-gen ATV).

    Thanks again for the information!