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My apple tv was not picking up my iTunes so I followed the advise and updated iTunes on my iMac etc., I then updated my apple TV it came back minus apple tv Netflix etc.. well basically I have 2 icons home computer and setting checked everything disconnected the cable did the factory reset, restart, you name it I've tried it..  <Edited by Host>


Apologies for the rant..


Ahhhh that feels so much better

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    If you say want to trying thinking for a minute rather than needlessly over reacting is pretty clearly sounds like there is a network connection issue.  It will show you only the two icons if ATV can not connect to the Internet or local network.  Since all those other features require network access to either iTunes or iCloud.  That would also explain why it could not connect to iTunes.


    You might also find that you can receive more productive support if you provide details about the problem.  Like say which AppleTV you have and what you did to configure you network connection, or what happened when you tried to connect to iTunes.  Just saying "not picking up my iTunes" does not give anyone much to go on.  Did you enter you AppleId?  Did you turn on home sharing and enter the ID for that?  Where you just sitting back and expecting ATV to magically know those things and then ranting at Apple because its products did not read your mind?

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    Many thanks for the feed back and I'm absolute sure your right however over the past few months I have had nothing but issue after issue and quite clearing from the number of other postings I'm not the only one, I have my Apple TV unit hard wired in to my router I manage to run other it hard ware with no issue, the problem came when I did the update to the apple tv.


    I have an apple TV3 it's been in use since June this year and has worked fine apart from the language issue on Netflix showing some of the movies and shows in Portuguese but can live with that although it works fine on the Ipad and Imac.


    The iTunes dropped out and was advised that Apple had put a fix and to update the iTunes which I did also advised to restart my Apple TV which I did and got the 2 icons so then did the factory reset all I have is the 2 icons Computers and Settings.


    Any help or advise you may have would be greatly appreciated.




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    Maybe the Unit you own is periodic defect

    Or not compatible with your network router

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    I want to reply to this post.


    I also expect everyone that is on here listen very carefully.













    Secondly: it has to do with the update 5.1 Aka IOS 6.0. Everyone has that problem that updates. There are tons of complaints about this on here. This needs to be fixed. I have it too. The only thing that works here is restore it back to the 5.02 version of the IOS 5.1.1.


    So look around and see how to restore this with a Micro USB cable on your computer with the Apple TV 3 connected with the power on a USB port.


    I was in Holland a few days ago and I saw a 6.01 update there in the Apple TV's and I checked out several ones and they do work there.


    So Apple needs to fix this ASAP and not keep on dragging their heels. It is a well known problem and nothing has been done about it.












    These are some of the posts concerning this update. It is clear that Apple just does not listen, nor does the support, nor is there feedback to the Headoffice in Cupertino about it.


    I have been for over 30 years in IT and worked for Apple myself in the European headoffice, but I have never seen a more obnoxious, annoying, irritating piece of hardware seen than Apple TV.


    Clearly nobody cares about it whatsoever and frankly I hear more and more from others that they rather throw it through the wall or the window because of it uselessness regarding this last update 5.1 which is the sole cause of this issue.


    If something is not done about it real soon I will write a personal letter to Tim Cook about the behaviour here from some of the "clever boys" online here because I for one have it up till here about this Apple TV problem.


    So I give anyone in here some time to get it right or confess that it is a firmware

    update problem or otherwise I will write my complaint directly to Tim Cook of how his company thinks that this is acceptable.

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    Many thanks for the info will give it a go, and the comments are not out of line you can go on to any of the product pages for support and there are hundred if not thousands of people with issues with application and hard ware. Products and application are being pushed out the door as fast as they can get them. The problem is that at one time Apple stood for quality and inervation now they are playing catch up and the fear of market share lost.. what they fail to realise is that people buy Apple products based on quality and inervation this is starting to fall away and they will suffer for it.


    Thanks again for the info.